Sorry for the damage
Du 26 juin au 26 juillet 2018 38 Urban Casablanca

Bic Me… I’m more Famous !
Du 22 janvier au 22 février 2015 38 Urban Casablanca

Sorry for the damage

Mohammed Chaoui El Faiz, Firdaouss Mouani
La Galerie 38
50 pages
23 x 23 cm
Juin 2018

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Bic Me…I’m more Famous

Narjisse Loudghiri
La Galerie 38
64 pages
23 x 23 cm
Janvier 2015

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Vernissage de l’exposition de Cali @ La Galerie 38 /2018
June 2018
Vernissage de l’exposition de Cali @ La Galerie 38
January 2015

Vernissage de l’exposition “Bic me… I’m more famous” de l’artiste Cali, du 22 janvier au 22 février 2015.

Quand le «Bic» sert l’art
February 2015

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Un joli cas libre
January 2015

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Bic Me… I’m more Famous
January 2015

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Under this Alias hides the artist Caroline Limousin, a virtuoso of the good old ballpoint pen created and popularized by BIC. Mixing Pop culture with the most unbridled urban countercultures, she offers viewers in major cities glamorous and mainstream portraits scribbled with pencil strokes that are soft and sharp at the same time. Precise, funny and politically incorrect, she subverts our greatest icons and cultural symbols, and suggests another, personal intake, another look at the world as a questioning, curious and uncompromising person. The world’s crowded fauna of shooting stars; its cities with coded “milieux” and the different sub-cultures of the living and plastic arts, their slogans, their fashions and their outbursts. These last years, and specifically for the Urban Art Fair, Cali is widening her scope by questioning the future of humanity as a whole in its diverse and immediate global context.

2018      “Sorry for the damage”, La Galerie 38 — Casablanca (Morocco)
“Lost in Translation — Hong Kong (China)
“Love Pop”, performance, IFS Mall — Chongqing (China)
2016      “Follow my Brainbow, Café de Paris — Montecarlo (Monaco)
2014      “Bic Me I’m more famous”, La Galerie 38 — Casablanca (Morocco)
2013      “Bic me I’m famous”, BCK Art Gallery — Marrakech (Morocco)
2012      Saint-Tropez (France)
2011      Saint-Tropez (France)

2018      “Art Attack”, Le Royal Monceau – Raffles — Paris (France)
2015      “Festival Mister Freeze”, Le 50 cinq — Toulouse (France)
2014      BCK Art Gallery — Marrakech (Morocco)
2013      “My Team”,  BCK Art Gallery — Marrakech (Morocco)
BCK Delano — Marrakech (Morocco)