La Vague Blanche

La Vague Blanche

Curateur: Mohamed Thara
Avec les artistes:
Yassine Alaoui Yoriyas
Sanae Arraqas
Mustapha Azeroual
Amina Benbouchta
Hicham Benohoud
Hicham Berrada
Max Boufathal
M’barek Bouhchichi
Mohamed El Baz
Amine El Gotaibi
mounir fatmi
Fouad Maazouz
Omar Mahfoudi
Randa Maroufi
Hicham Matini
Youssef Ouchra
Nissrine Seffar
Mohamed Thara

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La Vague Blanche _ 2M MAG
October 2020
La Vague Blanche – JT de 2M TV
October 2020

Born in Tahla, Morocco, in 1987. Lives and works in Marrakech and Fez.

Hicham Matini graduated from the National Institute of Fine Arts in Tetouan in 2014. He is a visual artist who is interested in questions of visual representation related to geopolitical issues. His research focuses mainly on the question of the cultural hegemony of images and on the issues, they impose in today’s public debate. His work reflects an insightful viewpoint that is both specific and global because, according to the artist, our civilization considers the transmission of culture more easily when it is of the order of distraction. Finally, his work aims to propose a grid of in-depth readings in a time when the “virality” of the image is the only criterion of its veracity. Hicham Matini has exhibited his work notably at the 5th Marrakech Biennial, MONA, Museum of New art Armada in Detroit, USA, the Festival of Arts and Music in Tulum, Mexico (2019), the Bamako Encounters, the OFF of the African Biennial of Photography, Mali (2019) at the contemporary art center CRUCE in Madrid, Spain (2020), at the ELY Contemporary Art Center in Connecticut, USA (2020). He explores through a diversity of mediums the notions of borders, urban violence and generational conflicts. With painting as a “dead image” he questions the relationship between spectators and media, he draws on the collective imagination to re-appropriate popular symbols to highlight the dialectic between tradition and modernity that preoccupies Moroccan society today.


« Time is Love.12 » (Show 1) Universal Feelings: Myths & Conjunctions, New Haven — Connecticut (United States)
« Cruise », Centre of Contemporary Art — Madrid (Spain)
« Time is Love.12 » (Show 2) Universal Feelings : Myths & Conjunctions, ELY Center of Contemporary art

« Artificial Identity », International Video Art Event In Collaboration with Radio Tulum’s Live Hive & Art Withe Me Tulum — Mexico (Mexico)
Exposition a la Société des compagnies allemandes-arabes ( DAFG) — Berlin (Germany)
Bamako OFF, Biennale africaine de la photographie, Musée National du Mali 2019 — Bamako (Mali)

3e édition de Parcours artistique « ETRE ICI » — Tangiers (Morocco)
« Carpets », galerie Katharina Maria Raab — Berlin (Germany)
« XS », galerie Abla Ababou — Rabat (Morocco)

Art Contemporain/2 CMOOA Palace Es Saadi — Marrakech (Morocco)
« Les conteurs Et Les montreurs », Dasthe-Art Space &Agency — Casablanca (Morocco)

5e édition de MASTERMIND Program, galerie GVCC — Casablanca (Morocco)

International Video Art Exchange Program — Marrakech (Morocco)

« The Selfie Show : An Art Exhibition of Self-Portraits », Museum Of New Art — Armada, Michigan (United States)
5e Biennale de Marrakech/partenariat MINT Collecif et Collectif AWIIILY — Marrakech (Morocco)
« T h i n k i m l i l  », le 18, Derb el ferrane en collaboration avec Dar Toubkal/Montagne propre — Marrakech (Morocco)

« Aux rythmes des jeunes talents, L’art au reflet du quotidien, Festival, INBART », Galerie Mekki Mghara — Tétouan (Morocco)

Siège de la fondation Très Cultures Del Méditerrané — Séville (Spain)

« Absence des règles », Complexe culturel municipal de Fès — (Morocco)