“It is not the light that is missing from our eyes, it is our eyes that lack light” wrote the distinguished philosopher Gustave Thibon.

To find in the darkness, in the gloom, the glimmer of hope that will revive joy and optimism in the eyes of all is the intention and the will of the artist Younes Khourassani, born in 1976 in Casablanca.

With a solid academic background at the Casablanca School of Fine Arts, the artist offers the viewer an immersion into the heart of his introspective work. Recently, the artist has made a radical creative change. At the end of a long period of global health crisis, Younes Khourassani’s vision is profoundly transformed. Shaken by what this pandemic has revealed about our world, the artist proposes resolutely luminous works. Hypnotic works, with such a strong power of attraction that the viewer’s gaze cannot fight and is carried away by a captivating shimmering whirlwind.

The work of Younes Khourassani is without question an invitation to change the prism of events and the elements that surround us, an exhortation to choose life, an injunction to always prefer the light.

Sacred Light is an enchanting exhibition to be discovered at La Galerie 38 from 9 December 2022 to 9 January 2023.