FRAGMENTS – Yacout Hamdouch
30.09.2022 - 31.10.2022
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Fragments – Yacout Hamdouch

Stanislaw Jerzy Lec said that “memories of memories are very moving”.

This phrase by the Polish poet aptly evokes the oxymoronic work of the artist Yacout Hamdouch, which is full of nostalgic modernity. The survival in memory of a sensation, an impression, an idea or an event is the whole point of this artist’s work. The ability to remember, to draw from the depths of one’s soul in an attempt to draw psychically the outlines of past moments in detail requires an undeniable cerebral effort. The abysmal diversity of the brain’s mechanisms – forgetting, defence, hypersensitivity, fantasy, imagination, etc. – fascinates Yacout Hamdouch. – fascinates Yacout Hamdouch. Fascinated by the volatility and complexity of memories, it is her own that the artist chooses to share with us, to reveal to us, but always with elegance and modesty. The artist naturally and instinctively turns to the delicacy of abstraction to tell us fragments of her life, her secrets, her memories. Conceived as a real walk through the artist’s mental map, the exhibition immerses the visitor in a succession of intimate and dreamlike atmospheres.