Ode to union by Adjaratou Ouedraogo
La Galerie 38 Casablanca

“Ode à l’union” invites us into the captivating world of artist Adjaratou Ouedraogo. Through her canvases, she reveals a world where childlike candor and thematic depth are subtly blended. The artist draws her inspiration from the patchwork tradition, a symbol of ingenuity and patience, where each piece of fabric tells a story. Through this ancestral technique, she weaves a polysemous narrative, where past and present, memory and hope, mingle. The uncomfortable body positions represent a form of suffering. But they also symbolize the contortions that resilient beings make to survive. Poetically, the artist depicts positivity and joie de vivre, the glimmer of hope that keeps us going even in troubled times.


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