The Flavor of Colors
La Galerie 38 Marrakech

“What is without form is without color” wrote Jacques Ferron. A statement that corresponds perfectly to the inaugural exhibition of the Galerie 38 space in Marrakech. A first group exhibition where form and colour are correlative and interdependent.

From the symbolic abstraction of the master of the Casablanca School, Mohamed Hamidi, to the hypnotic luminous undulations of his pupil Younes Khourassani, it is all a question of forms and colours. From the poetic pictorial fragments of Yacout Hamdouch to the chimerical universe of Ines-Noor Chaqroun, everything is a question of shapes and colours. From the captivating totems of Ghizlane Agzenaï to the energetic workings of Meriam Benkirane, it is all about shapes and colours.

Beyond a transgenerational dialogue between Moroccan artists, it is above all a common plastic path to which this opening exhibition of La Galerie 38 Marrakech leads. A journey in which chromatic nuances, delineations and materials take on such importance that they become inseparable. Come and enjoy the flavour of the colours proposed by our selection of artists until April 10th at La Galerie 38 Marrakech.