03.06.2022 - 03.07.2022

“For the law of progress to exist, it would be necessary for everyone to want to create it; that is to say, when all individuals apply themselves to progress, then humanity will be in progress.”
Charles Baudelaire

Does progress necessarily tend towards a common ideal goal? Are the transformations it engenders intrinsically synonymous with evolution? Is the quest for perfection unlimited? These are some of the questions raised by the works of the artist Meriam Benkirane, which will be on view at La Galerie 38 from 3 June to X 2022 for her exhibition “Reflect”.

Meriam Benkirane is interested in today’s world and the men and women who inhabit it. She offers a symbolic representation of it. The multi-faceted artist offers the viewer the opportunity to reflect and question the multitude of paradoxes that society contains. A society obsessed with the idea of technical and technological advances, where humanity is sometimes forgotten. Through her art of composition, made up of interlocking, architectural, vivid forms, of a relentless modernity, the Casablanca artist holds up a mirror to the viewer. She thus offers a true reflection of contemporary urban life. In the form of powerfully coloured mechanisms, we can see the workings of living together. Meriam Benkirane sheds light with subtlety and intensity on a city environment, hers, yours, ours.


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