Where it all begins, where it all continues

On the occasion of the 1-54 Marrakech last February, La Galerie 38 proposed a group exhibition “Where everything begins, where everything continues”.

continues”. A real dialogue was established between the works of major artists from the African continent: Abdoulaye Konaté, Barthélémy Toguo, Soly Cissé and Siriki Ky.


Africa is the continent where it all began, the immemorial matrix of humanity, which sediments millennia of existence within it. Africa forms a fertile ground for artists whose questions and works constitute manifest narratives on our world, on our time and on the roles that Man has played, plays and will play.


Stories, biases, sometimes profoundly political, sometimes subtly poetic, sometimes intensely aesthetic, sometimes all at once, all of this appears through the works of the artists we exhibited at 1-54 Marrakech.

The spectator was thus able to marvel at the starry desert skies of the Sahel by the Malian artist Abdoulaye Konaté, elaborated from an iconic textile language. He was also able to appreciate the technical skills of the Burkinabe bronze sculptor Siriki Ky. He let himself be carried away by the undulating and shimmering silhouettes of the paintings of Cameroonian Barthélémy Toguo. Or he was bewitched by the hybrid creatures, half human, half animal, of the Senegalese artist Soly Cissé.

They were offered a unique journey through a universe as diverse as the colours, techniques and mediums used. A rich journey where the evocations of the past undoubtedly serve to highlight the problems and issues of the present. A journey where everything begins, where everything continues…


To find out more about La Galerie 38’s participation in this fair, click here to read our press review revue-de-presse-1-54marrakech

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